Lightning Season and Power Protection

Lightning Season and Power Protection_Page_2

Protection against power surges and spikes, lightning strikes and other electrical voltage excesses is a year-round concern, but especially in this season of electrical storms that is now upon us.

Your modems, routers, computers, wired telephone devices and other computing equipment (not to mention your expensive HDTV) need protection with at least a surge protector of adequate capacity. (This capacity is rated in terms of “joules”, units of energy that the equipment can absorb without failing — the higher the number, the better.) You may also need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply, with built-in backup battery) to keep critical equipment running long enough to enable an orderly shutdown of the systems.

WARNING #1:  A simple power strip with multiple outlets IS NOT A SURGE PROTECTOR and WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT! Any power strip that has surge protection built in should be clearly identified as such; if a power strip does not indicate that it provides surge protection, you should assume that it does not!

WARNING #2:  A surge protector does not help you if it is not plugged into a GROUNDED OUTLET!

WARNING #3:  Not only do you need to protect your power lines, but your telephone lines as well, as they are susceptible to electrical surges and spikes.

The EONI Store at 808 Adams Avenue in La Grande offers a range of surge protection and UPS backup devices to fit needs from single-computer home use to small business networks.

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Switch. 30 Days Free, Risk Free.


Switch from your current Internet provider to EONI Broadband Internet Service and get more speed, more value and more service – and get 30 days of service absolutely FREE!

  • The 30 Days Free, Risk Free! Promotion applies to both EONI DSL & Wireless Internet Service.
  • You choose the EONI Internet plan you want, and if you don’t want to keep it within the first 30 days of service, cancel without obligation or penalty.* Plus – the first 30 days of service are absolutely FREE!
  • There’s no set up fee, no telephone service required, and you get a free DSL wireless gateway with EONI DSL Service or wireless router with EONI Wireless Service.*
  • Bundle your home telephone service for only $10.00 per month!**
  • This offer is for customers switching from their current Internet provider to EONI. Customers must present proof of current service with another provider, such as their most recent bill.
  • Use Promo Code SWITCHFREE when signing up online for DSL or Wireless, or contact us directly.
  • Offer valid through 7/31/2013.

Switch from your current Internet provider and stop getting hosed!

*Opt out within the first 30 calendar days of service without penalty. Service is part of a one year contract; cancellation after 30 calendar days from service start results in EONI standard early termination fees. Opt out without penalty requires return of all equipment provided in satisfactory, unaltered condition. A $100.00 fee will apply to DSL equipment returned in unsatisfactory condition. Failure to return wireless router in satisfactory condition results in a $50.00 fee. All EONI wireless radios and equipment remain property of EONI. Cancellation within risk free period requires written notice delivered either in person, via USPS, or via email and received prior to 31st day of service.

**$10.00 per month voice service offer applies only to residential voice services. Customer is responsible for any & all long distance or other toll calls, regardless of duration of service or cancellation date. Regulatory fees and taxes, plus long distance or other toll calls, are additional. Voice service with EONI wireless service requires use of EONI Digital Voice product. All voice services are provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., an EONI subsidiary

Offer valid through 7/31/2013. EONI reserves the right to modify or end this offer at any time.

EONI is locally owned and locally operated with the best Internet access available. EONI is “The Internet Done Right!™
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This system is working to come back up now.
We apologize for these problems. 
We are taking steps to avoid this type of outage.
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Internet Madness 2013 Special Promo Extended

The current Internet Madness Special has been extended through the end of April 2013! Except for the eligibility period, details remain the same as outlined in the original Internet Madness March Special post.
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Internet Madness March 2013 Special

DSL Internet Madness 2013 Features and Details

  • ANY speed, up to Platinum (up to 15mbps download; 2mbps upload).
  • La Grande/Baker City – $19.95/mo for six months.
  • Enterprise – $29.95/mo for six months.
  • New residential customers only.
  • Phone NOT required, but can be added for $10/mo.*
  • Free modem with built-in router & wireless – no rental fees.

Wireless Internet Madness 2013 Features and Details

  • ANY plan – take $20 OFF – starting at $9.95/month.
  • Speeds up to 15mbps download, 2mbps upload.
  • Free wireless router – no rental fees.
  • Optional Digital Voice service available in some locations – $10/mo. residential; $20/mo. business (not including taxes & surcharges).

Terms and Conditions

  • One-time setup fee of $50.
  • Rate for selected plan is in effect for six months; then reverts to standard published rate.
  • Requires 2-year contract – standard EONI legal & acceptable use policies apply.
  • Early contract termination fees: $200 during 1st year, $100 during 2nd year.
  • New customers only.
  • Service may not be available in all areas.
  • Must signup between March 1 and March 29, 2013.

To Order

Call us at 800-785-7873 or 541-962-7873
or …
Signup online for DSL-La Grande, DSL-Baker City, DSL-Enterprise or Wireless, indicating MADNESS as your PROMO CODE. (NOTE: Prices shown in signup pages will be automatically adjusted when your application is activated.)

* Telephone service is provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., an EONI subsidiary. Fees and taxes such as subscriber line fee, universal service charges, 911 fee, etc. are additional and will be added to your bill.



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New Digital Voice Service Available

EONI, together with our subsidiary PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc.1, is pleased to announce the availability of our digital voice service.  Now you can receive crystal clear voice calls without telephone service from the traditional telephone companies.  Why is this important to you?
  1. Crystal-clear & less expensive -You get crystal clear local and long distance voice service at a lower price!  Voice service at your home is only $10.00 per month.  Business customers get the same service for $20.00 per line per month.  Applicable fees and taxes are in addition to the voice service fee.
  2. Keep your existing number – You keep your existing telephone number!  You do not need to change your telephone number (but you can if you want to).
  3. One easy-to-read bill – You get all your telecommunications and Internet service bills from one company, and you get a bill that you can read and understand.
  4. Extra features at no extra charge – Your digital voice service includes unlimited local calling, caller ID, call waiting with caller ID, extended area service, 900/976 call blocking, VOICEMAIL and other additional features of your choice – ALL INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  5. Special long distance plans – Also available are our long distance plans.  We offer a 1,000 Minute Long Distance Plan – that’s almost 17 hours – for only $14.95 per line per month.  Any calls beyond the 1,000 minutes are only 5 cents per minute.  This plan applies to calls made to the “lower 48” contiguous states.  Calls made to Alaska, Hawaii, or to other countries are rated at per minute pricing unique to each area.  If you do not want the 1,000 Minute plan, we offer long distance to the lower 48 states at 5 cents per minute, and calls made elsewhere are rated for each area.
  6. Local service – You receive excellent local customer service that you’ve come to know!
Connections for EONI Digital Voice Service
Click for Expanded View of Router and Phone Connections
This service requires that you have EONI broadband service with a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan.  EONI will provide and install a small voice router that works with your existing telephone system.  Please contact us for details.*

In summary, if you want better telecommunications services, and especially if you want to save money, then you should contact us today.  Here’s how:

Call EONI at 541-962-7873, order online  or come see us in person at 808 Adams Avenue in La Grande.  Our customer service hours are from 9:00AM until 5:30PM, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.
*Some conditions do apply.  The voice router necessary for the Digital Voice service is and remains property of EONI.  It must be returned to EONI if the service is cancelled; otherwise a $75.00 equipment fee applies.  Electrical power to all EONI devices must be supplied at all times for Internet and voice services to work.  Digital Voice services and all EONI broadband services may not be available in all locations.  Uninterrupted service is specifically not guaranteed.  Fees and taxes on all services may apply and are in addition to any service base fee.  Voice services, and all services regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Service and by the FCC, are provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc.  PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EONI.  EONI and PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. reserve the right to modify all conditions of this offer, or terminate the service, at any time.  Please see the EONI policies page for more information.

Digital voice service is not compatible with many fax machines and fax services, modem calls, and certain other devices that use modem type transmission.  If you use these kinds of devices and services, please bring this need to the attention of your EONI customer service representative.
1PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. is a subsidiary of EONI.  Established in 2001, PriorityONE offers local and long distance voice services to businesses, government, and residences with products including calling features such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, DSL, PRI & T-1 connections, and much more.  The PriorityONE web site is at  Visit there for additional information.
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Princesses of PriorityONE

The Princesses of PriorityONE model their cupcake crowns!
Left to right: Nadine, Patsey, Deena and Lelanie

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5 things every computer user needs to know how to do

EONI found this USA Today article today and thought it may be helpful to you.

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New Year Broadband Special

Features and Details

  • Platinum DSL plan — up to 15mbps download — for $19.95/month.
  • Included DSL modem/router ($70 value) – no rental fees.
  • Add PriorityONE phone service for only $10/month extra.

Terms and Conditions

  • One-time setup fee of $50.
  • Rate for selected plan is in effect for six months; then reverts to standard published rate.
  • Customers may change their plan at the end of the promotional period without penalty.
  • Optional PriorityONE telephone service available at $10/month during promotional period:
    • Applies only to the first line; additional lines can be added at regular rates
    • Unlimited local calling
    • Custom features of your choice
    • Long distance service at $0.05/minute to the lower 48 states
    • Taxes and fees are not included and will be added to your bill
    • Service is provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, an EONI subsidiary
  • Requires 2-year contract – standard EONI legal & acceptable use policies apply.
  • Early contract termination fees: $200 during 1st year, $100 during 2nd year.
  • New Baker City, Enterprise or La Grande residential customers only.
  • Service may not be available in all areas.
  • Must signup no later than January 31, 2013.

To Order

Call us at 800-785-7873 or 541-962-7873

or …

Signup online for DSL, indicating NEWYEAR as your PROMO CODE. (NOTE: Prices shown in signup pages will be automatically adjusted when your application is activated.)


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EONI Announces Faster DSL Speeds


Happy Holidays to you, our valued EONI customer – faster speeds at no additional cost!

EONI is increasing the Internet speeds provided with most of our DSL Internet access plans.  Our Silver DSL plan now offers up to speeds of 5 mbps (mbps = megabits per second) download & 1 mbps upload; Gold now is up to 10 mbps download and 2 mbps upload; and Platinum is up to 15 mbps download and 2 mbps upload.  Pricing is unchanged for all the DSL plans.

The details:

The table below demonstrates the changes to the speeds associated with our DSL plans:


DSL Plan

previous speeds

new speeds

Bronze 2mbps download/256kbs upload 2mbps download/256kbs upload
Silver 4mbps download/768kbs upload 5mbps download/1mbps upload
Gold 6mbps download/1mbps upload 10mbps download/2mbps upload
Platinum 10mbps download/1mbps upload 15mbps download/2mbps upload

Download speeds represent the maximum bandwidth available – the speed – that information comes to you from the Internet. Examples of download activities include browsing web sites and receiving emails.

Upload speeds represent the maximum bandwidth available – again, the speed – for sending information to the Internet. Uploading pictures to Facebook or sending emails are examples of sending information to the Internet.

The plans affected by this change are our Silver, Gold & Platinum plans. Bronze plan speeds are unchanged.

All speeds are “up to” speeds. For example, this means that while the maximum speed any customer with an EONI Gold DSL Internet access plan could achieve is 10 megabits per second on downloads and 2 mbps on uploads, in practice the actual speed of any individual connection may be less. The information below explains further why maximum speeds may not be achieved.

What affects maximum DSL speeds?

The stated maximum bandwidth of a DSL connection often cannot be reached. Additionally, actual DSL speeds vary between different locations. Factors affecting DSL speed include:

  • Length of the phone line between the residence and the phone company hub (often called the “central office”) where the DSL generating equipment is located. DSL technology is “distance sensitive” because its performance decreases significantly as you get further away from this hub.
  • Quality of the phone line from the telephone company central office all the way to the phone lines at your residence. Where the telephone line has higher quality copper wiring, faster DSL speeds are possible. This quality issue affects both the wiring outside of your residence (the wires coming from the telephone company) and the wiring inside your residence (commonly referred to as “inside wiring.”)

The distance and quality of the wiring coming from the telephone company are factors that customers cannot change. Within your residence, sometimes rewiring the “inside wiring” makes a big difference. IMPORTANT NOTE: inside wiring should ALWAYS be done by a professional – you can make things a lot worse, including completely breaking your voice and Internet services – if you do not do the wiring correctly!

Here are some other factors that can affect your Internet performance, regardless of how you get your Internet service:

  • Spyware on computer(s). Even when the DSL network may be functioning at full speed, spyware programs may be consuming the bandwidth, robbing your DSL speed. Anti-spyware programs should be run regularly on compurters to prevent this problem.
  • Mis-configured wired or wireless router. Routers sit between your computer(s) and the Internet connection. If not functioning properly, a router can greatly limit the DSL speed achievable on all computers. Temporarily connecting a computer directly to the Internet can help diagnose this situation.
  • Slow wireless network connection. In some cases, a slow Wi-Fi connection between a computer and a wireless computer will not keep pace with the speed of the DSL Internet connection. Improving the quality of the Wi-Fi connection will solve this problem.
  • Old computer(s). Very old computers lacking sufficient processing power or memory cannot keep pace with a high-speed DSL connection. You can verify this problem by comparing the DSL speed between computers at the residence.

If you are not experiencing the speeds you expect on your EONI DSL Internet connection, you should contact EONI Technical Support for help in addressing the problem. EONI may be able to adjust some of the DSL settings to improve your connection, and can also help you address some of the other factors listed above.

Not all EONI DSL speeds are available in all locations.


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