Windows XP Support Ends Today

 See our previous post for details. 

Also see today’s CNET article, “Microsoft to Windows XP users: The jig is up”.

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EONI Job Opening: Customer Service Representative

EONI now has an opening for a Customer Service Representative.  Click here to visit our Jobs page and learn more.

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Windows XP Support Ends in April 2014

Quite some time ago, Microsoft announced that it will be ending  support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.  What does that mean for those who still use that venerable operating system, first released in August 2001?

More details and risk factors you should be considering are presented in articles like this one from  (Windows 7 was extant at the time of that article, and Windows 8 has since been released, of course.)  Read and become an informed user. 

In a nutshell … Windows XP won’t just stop working.  People can still use it.  However, it will be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find good, reliable, solid security programs – anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc. – programs to use with Windows XP.  Most of the major software manufacturers will not produce new programs that can be run in Windows XP.  Those are the BIG REASONS to not use Windows XP any further, not to mention that people with bad intentions, as pointed out in the article, will continue to seek out vulnerabilities in Windows XP and exploit those weaknesses.  That means that if you use your Windows XP computer for any financial transactions or other confidential transactions, you are basically putting your credit cards, bank accounts, etc. out there at risk.

see Microsoft’s official XP Support page

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Shamrock Shuffle Was a Hit

Thanks to the 90 people who came out last Saturday March 15 to walk or run for the Grande Ronde Roadrunners Shamrock Shuffle.

With over $800 raised for United Way you really made a difference and had a lot of fun too!

Pictures from United Way were posted to Facebook here.

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Fiber Cut Last Monday

We apologize for the outage last Monday from 12 noon until 6PM.
We had to manually reroute traffic as a squirrel decided to sharpen its teeth on our fiber optic cable.  We are building automatic redundancy into this route to avoid a situation like this being repeated.  Thanks for your patience.
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EONI has Free Granada Movie Tickets

EONI is proud to continue to sponsor the annual holiday merchant’s show at The Granada Theater this month.  Stop by The EONI Store at 808 Adams to get free tickets for movie shows:

Movies will be:
Despicable Me 2
The Croods

Movie show times are:
Monday December 23 9AM, 11AM and 1PM
Tuesday December 24 9AM, 11AM and 1PM

Enjoy the show!
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Running of the Turkeys

Click this image to show the poster:
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Bogus Email Expiration Warning

ProhibitionSign2.svgA nasty “phishing” email message is currently making the rounds to some EONI email subscribers, telling them that their email accounts are about to expire, and that they should click a link to correct this “problem” and upgrade their email account.  That link goes to a NON-EONI domain and SHOULD NEVER BE CLICKED OR FOLLOWED.  Here’s what the message looks like:

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Lightning Season and Power Protection

Lightning Season and Power Protection_Page_2

Protection against power surges and spikes, lightning strikes and other electrical voltage excesses is a year-round concern, but especially in this season of electrical storms that is now upon us.

Your modems, routers, computers, wired telephone devices and other computing equipment (not to mention your expensive HDTV) need protection with at least a surge protector of adequate capacity. (This capacity is rated in terms of “joules”, units of energy that the equipment can absorb without failing — the higher the number, the better.) You may also need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply, with built-in backup battery) to keep critical equipment running long enough to enable an orderly shutdown of the systems.

WARNING #1:  A simple power strip with multiple outlets IS NOT A SURGE PROTECTOR and WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT! Any power strip that has surge protection built in should be clearly identified as such; if a power strip does not indicate that it provides surge protection, you should assume that it does not!

WARNING #2:  A surge protector does not help you if it is not plugged into a GROUNDED OUTLET!

WARNING #3:  Not only do you need to protect your power lines, but your telephone lines as well, as they are susceptible to electrical surges and spikes.

The EONI Store at 808 Adams Avenue in La Grande offers a range of surge protection and UPS backup devices to fit needs from single-computer home use to small business networks.

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Switch. 30 Days Free, Risk Free.


Switch from your current Internet provider to EONI Broadband Internet Service and get more speed, more value and more service – and get 30 days of service absolutely FREE!

  • The 30 Days Free, Risk Free! Promotion applies to both EONI DSL & Wireless Internet Service.
  • You choose the EONI Internet plan you want, and if you don’t want to keep it within the first 30 days of service, cancel without obligation or penalty.* Plus – the first 30 days of service are absolutely FREE!
  • There’s no set up fee, no telephone service required, and you get a free DSL wireless gateway with EONI DSL Service or wireless router with EONI Wireless Service.*
  • Bundle your home telephone service for only $10.00 per month!**
  • This offer is for customers switching from their current Internet provider to EONI. Customers must present proof of current service with another provider, such as their most recent bill.
  • Use Promo Code SWITCHFREE when signing up online for DSL or Wireless, or contact us directly.
  • Offer valid through 7/31/2013.

Switch from your current Internet provider and stop getting hosed!

*Opt out within the first 30 calendar days of service without penalty. Service is part of a one year contract; cancellation after 30 calendar days from service start results in EONI standard early termination fees. Opt out without penalty requires return of all equipment provided in satisfactory, unaltered condition. A $100.00 fee will apply to DSL equipment returned in unsatisfactory condition. Failure to return wireless router in satisfactory condition results in a $50.00 fee. All EONI wireless radios and equipment remain property of EONI. Cancellation within risk free period requires written notice delivered either in person, via USPS, or via email and received prior to 31st day of service.

**$10.00 per month voice service offer applies only to residential voice services. Customer is responsible for any & all long distance or other toll calls, regardless of duration of service or cancellation date. Regulatory fees and taxes, plus long distance or other toll calls, are additional. Voice service with EONI wireless service requires use of EONI Digital Voice product. All voice services are provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc., an EONI subsidiary

Offer valid through 7/31/2013. EONI reserves the right to modify or end this offer at any time.

EONI is locally owned and locally operated with the best Internet access available. EONI is “The Internet Done Right!™
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